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Jones 13 Apartments

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Jones 13 Apartments

America First Real Estate Group (AFREG) selected Darland Construction to complete the upscale Jones 13 Apartments in downtown Omaha.

AFREG has extensive experience in working with contractors, owning and managing more than 45,000 apartment units across 43 states. AFREG President, Mark Hiatt, was complimentary of Darland and impressed by a previous experience. “One of the reasons we selected Darland for Jones 13 was the exceptional job they did on the Victory project,” Hiatt said. “We work with a lot of contractors and we have never had as good of an experience as we had with Darland.” 

Jones 13 was designed as five-story, brick and large-window building of apartment units of varying size, all built around a central courtyard. A 57-stall tenant parking garage was constructed underneath the apartment building. While the original project called for 72 apartment units, Darland worked with the client and architect during preconstruction to add 28 more units when additional land became available.

“Darland has been an extremely important partner in preconstruction,” said Dominic Vaccaro, AFREG vice-president of preconstruction. “They did a really good job of evaluating building structure options so that we met both our quality and price points. We also really like how transparent Darland is on their estimating. The level of detail and itemization helped us more easily find ways to lower costs when we needed to. There were no hidden costs like we sometimes run into.”