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Advanced Building Practices

Advanced Building Practices

From sustainable or “green” building techniques, integrated project delivery, and building information modeling to the complex requirements of healthcare, technology, and industrial construction, Darland will deliver the benefits of advanced building practices to your next project.

Sustainable building techniques

Darland is committed to incorporating emerging building practices that help reduce costs, promote wise use of resources, and lead to sustainable construction practices that positively impact our environment. We are engaged in LEED-compliant construction, which requires extensive planning, documentation, and partner coordination on all aspects of construction. Our team is adept at sourcing green materials and well suited to manage the tracking, transporting, and disposal/recycling requirements needed to achieve LEED certification.

Integrated project delivery—IPD

Although IPD is a recent buzzword in the building industry, Darland has been advocating the integrated team approach to building projects for years. In our construction management and design-build practices, we adhere to proactive team planning, open-book policies, and effective communication, the keys to achieving IPD benefits.

Building information modeling—BIM

Darland staff has extensive experience in the use of BIM design applications to evaluate all facets of systems integration prior to and during construction of complex building plans. This three-dimensional modeling of all structural, mechanical, and data components enables us to effectively identify and resolve any system conflicts or plan discrepancies in a proactive manner.