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When your building schedule and budgets are tight, our design-build solutions speed your project to completion and deliver maximum value for your construction investment. Darland’s design-build approach efficiently integrates design and construction processes, and gets you to a guaranteed price more quickly.

Darland’s design-build team manages every step from pre-design space planning to design and preconstruction, as well as scheduling, budget management, and all construction phases.

We outsource design to well-qualified architects, while assuring that owners remain engaged in all critical aspects of the project such as space allocations, proximities, and design aesthetics.

Darland’s design-build process provides several significant benefits:

Early cost control

Material and construction cost evaluations can begin at a much earlier stage. This allows us to determine a guaranteed price sooner and allows modifications without costly change orders.

Efficient material procurement

Pricing and procurement of long-lead items can be initiated in stages, so construction can begin sooner.

Fast-track construction

Construction of core and shell elements—foundation, steel, building exterior, elevators, and mechanical/electrical/plumbing service—can begin as soon as core design and pricing are approved; while the interior design is still underway.

Single-source responsibility

Under our design-build contract, Darland takes full responsibility for both design and construction, thereby eliminating change orders due to design deficiencies or constructability issues. In addition, we will establish a fair method to enact client-requested scope changes.