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Siena Francis House

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Homeless Shelter

Siena Francis House

When the Siena Francis House Homeless Shelter decided to expand their services they selected Darland Construction to construct a new men's shelter adjacent to their current facility north of downtown Omaha. The Baright Shelter has a pre-engineered structure wrapped in block, glass and metal panels.  The facility features a 200-bunk bed style dormitory, a smaller 24-bunk bed style sleeping area, full kitchen and dining room and a medical clinic with two exam rooms. The building is also equipped with a loading dock and freight elevator so donated food and clothing can be stored on the second floor.

The new men's shelter allowed the Siena Francis House to use their long-standing facilities to expand the addiction recovery program and the women and children’s shelter for the local homeless population.

The Siena Francis House is the largest shelter in Nebraska and provides food, shelter (342 beds), clothing and medical and rehabilitation services to homeless men, women, and children from Nebraska and Western Iowa.